Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Don't Need a Weatherman to Know Which Way the Wind Blows

The American Issues Project, an independent, 501(c)(4) organization produced this ad highlighting the long association of Sen. Barack Obama with admitted, unrepentant former terrorist, Bill Ayers.

Rather than just ignoring the ad and counting on the help of the media in continuing the cover up of the connections, the Obama campaign counter-attacked. They claimed the ad was full of lies. They pressured TV stations to refuse to air the ad. They have asked to Dept. of Justice to file criminal charges against the man who had the Audacity to Hope that he could exercise his First Amendment rights by funding the ad. They published their own ad to "rebut" the first one.

Note that the Obama ad starts by falsely accusing the McCain campaign of producing the American Issues Project ad. Oddly, for a "rebuttal," it doesn't rebut a single point in the original ad. It does, however, put the hay down where the horses can get it, i.e. put the issue in play in the MSM, who have been all to happy to ignore it up to now.

The fact that Obama immediately rushes to the DoJ to try to suppress speech that can damage him politically certainly tells us a lot about what he would be like as a president. It isn't pretty.

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