Thursday, March 24, 2005

Same to You, Buster

A guest post from our brother:
I had the opportunity last night to view the PBS Show Buster on New Hampshire Public Television. For those of you not familiar with this installment in the current culture wars in our country, Buster is a cartoon rabbit who goes around the country meeting children from different parts of the country and different cultural backgrounds. When Buster visited Vermont during maple sugar season he introduced us to some children who have 2 mommies, and make maple syrup and cheese. Our nation's Education Secretary, Margaret Spellings, strenuously objected to this story, and threatened to pull funding for the series.

I think probably what I found most disturbing about the show was the fact that it depicts maple syrup making as, somehow, normal and ok. I agree with many people who feel that it is just wrong to expose our impressionable little ones to this sort of degenerate maple syrup making. I wanted to see this travesty with my own eyes, and I must say it opened my eyes. I believe people have the right in our country to make whatever kind of syrup they like, real maple, boysenberry, or even maple flavored, in the privacy of their own homes, but our society cannot and should not condone this sort of activity being forced onto our children. I can't say how grateful I am to have a 'God-and-maple-syrup' fearing President and Education Secretary who can protect us from the slow erosion of our nation's moral values by these deviant Maple syrup makers.
We don't feel quite as strongly about this as he does, but we agree that the Buster kerfuffle is a bit silly.

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