Thursday, April 28, 2005

Humpty Dumpty Wins Big

From the Omaha World-Herald (link only good for a few weeks) comes this: "A special mock trial in the case of Humpty Dumpty resulted in $300,000 for the damaged egg.

The mock trial, sponsored by Omaha Bar Association, was conducted Wednesday at the Hruska Federal Courthouse for 120 fourth-graders from Omaha's Dundee Elementary and Brownell-Talbot schools.

The jury of 12 students awarded the imaginary character $300,000 for a fall at a fictional Mr. King's auto dealership.

Actors from the Omaha Theater for Young People played the parts of Humpty Dumpty and the witnesses."[emphasis added]
There you have it: The stupidity of the American legal system in a nut eggshell.

Perhaps in the next act they could portray the employees of Mr. King's auto dealership losing their jobs, while Dumpty's attorney shops for a new Mercedes at another dealer.

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