Friday, April 29, 2005

Laura Ingraham

Laura Ingraham
Conservative talkradio hostess, Laura Ingraham, has been out all week this week due to surgery for breast cancer. We have missed her on our morning drive to work (1290AM, KKAR, the former KOIL to others with long memories), and we hope to have her back safe and sound soon.

Updates on her condition are being posted on her site, but there are no permanent links to them, so here is the current report:
LAURA UPDATE, DAY 4: Great news yesterday from the pathology report that was done on Laura's tumor and lymph nodes after her breast cancer surgery on Tuesday. Her lymph nodes were NEGATIVE, her HER-2 test was negative (a good thing), and her tumor was estrogen/hormone receptive (good thing). The tumor was 9 millimeters in diameter. The one bummer is that she needs to go back for another surgery next week because the dye they used showed some cancer cells remaining "outside the margin" of the tissue Dr. Katherine Alley excised during the first surgery. So, Dr. Alley will go back in and "clean the margins" a few more millimeters around the original tumor and that should be that. Laura is meeting soon with her oncologist Dr. Fred Smith to begin mapping out her post-op cancer treatment (radiation schedule, etc.). "Chemo could really cramp my style so I am hoping that is not necessary!" Laura laughed. "That could really mess up my highlights! Although, then again, it could save me money on salon waxing bills." "Botton-line," said Laura, "I am feeling better every day--your calls, emails, best wishes, and more than anything your prayers have made all the difference in keeping my spirits up. You remind me every day that I am too blessed and have too much to say and do to check out any time soon!"
She insists there is no way she will put off her wedding plans (set for June), even if she has to "get married in an open MRI machine."

Always the compassionate liberals, the Moonbats of the Democratic Underground board are cheering for an early death. Michelle Malkin has lots more on this.

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