Sunday, February 21, 2010

Moving to WordPress

For those still paying attention, DLMSY is relocating to WordPress. The shutdown of the Haloscan comment system forced me to Do Something, so I decided to move. WordPress is a much cooler blogging environment, and still comes at the right price: free. Drop by and say hello. Although my blogging has been nearly non-existent for the past year, I promise to write more there. That won't be too hard.

I managed to move all my posts from here to there, but only a few of the old comments survived. I'll leave this site up, too, but I won't be adding anything here. Since Haloscan's successor, Echo, is not free, the old comments will probably disappear completely in about a month.

This page is from the original Don't Let Me Stop You blog. We have moved to a new site: Visit DLMSY on WordPress.

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