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Sunday, January 14, 2007

Strahan Divorce

We normally don't pay much attention to celebrity divorce "news," or celebrities in general for that matter. However, the $15.3 million decree in the divorce of Michael Strahan (NY Giants) and his wife, Jean, caught our eye. In a nutshell, the judge upheld the couple's prenuptial agreement, which called for her to get 50% of the joint property and 20% of his salary each year of the marriage. That's a pretty sweet deal, especially since New Jersey, where they reside, is a community property state:
"Realistically, there is a 50-50 split, absent there being some reason," Cerruti said. "The rule of thumb is that all assets acquired during marriage are subject to an equitable distribution, unless someone brought something more to the marriage in the first place."
We figured, Mrs. Strahan must have had some darned good lawyers on her side in drawing up the prenup, but she says [emphasis added]:
"It pays to tell the truth, and I told the truth," Jean Strahan said in Saturday's New York Post. "I never asked for a penny more than the prenup that Michael and his lawyers wrote and made me sign. And all I ever asked for was that to be upheld."
That's some mighty shrewd lawyering, forcing her to take an extra 20% of his salary each year of the marriage, well beyond what the court would normally award in the absence of a prenup. Mighty shrewd indeed. Michael sure got his money's worth with those guys...