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Thursday, June 22, 2006

Eggs and Apples

As previously noted, Lyle once said, "We can't have our eggs and apples, too." Actually, according to the Religion of Peace (RoP), we can, but we shouldn't [emphasis added]:
Islam Online - Modern allergists also advise against improper food combining and tell us that many combinations can create synergistic allergic reactions. In the book The Whole Way to Allergy Relief and Prevention, Dr. Krohn advises us not to combine milk with chocolate, mint, or fish; corn and bananas; beef and yeast; eggs and apples; or cola and chocolate.
This article also includes an example of the always amusing tendency of the followers of the RoP to claim that absolutely everything can be found in the Quran:
A tradition states, “There are no new ideas, just new people to discover them." It is, in fact, amazing to find how many "modern discoveries" have already been written about in the Qur’an or Hadith.
Right. In fact once they discovered that the Blackberry was written up in the Quran, the patents were clearly invalidated, and a settlement was inevitable. To think people used to think that the PoA was just eating blackberries, when actually he was using them to call his followers.

But we digress...

UnklB points out that the French in Medieval times did prepare a dish called a "rique-manger" that combined eggs and apples:
Peel, core, and slice apples, and Parboil them in water until just tender. Drain off the water and then fry them in butter. Remove from pan and set aside. Beat eggs and fry, adding apples back to the pan just before they're finished. Sprinkle with fine spice powder and saffron. Serve hot.
"Manger" is the infinitive form of the verb "to eat," but I find no translation for "rique."

So there is some evidence that we can have our eggs and apples, too.

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

DLMSY Network News

We had a small spike in traffic today here at DLMSY. This was due to referrals from, to a story we wrote in April: Iran Nukes Holland. European Leaders Warn Against US Overreaction. Apparently an automated news feed on the NewsToday site (the one they call "PBS") took that as true and "broadcast" it. A human must have recognized the goof and removed the link, since there's no trace of it now. Computers can do a lot, but spotting satire isn't their strong point.

Tuesday, June 20, 2006


My friend, Lyle, emailed me a comment on the previous post about Lincoln property taxes. He's apparently too shy to post it, so I'll do that for him. :D He said:
Saw your note on property taxes on your blog. Two things jump into my mind:

1) if the mill levy rate is not reset back to the level at the last evaluation (3 years ago?), then the combination of an inflation of mill levy and evaluation results in a windfall profit equivalent. Would there be a hypocritical response by the representatives of local taxing bodies (i.e. city; school) if, on the one hand they were upset about windfall profits of gas-related companies and the impact on their costs, but not about windfalls in property tax? One cannot use the argument that increased evaluations should result in increased taxes, if those increased taxes come about from two inflationary forces.

2) if the housing bubble bursts (which supposedly an article in the Lincoln Journal Star over the weekend thought would not happen in Lincoln due to underevalued property at 5%--although such underevaluation was based on pre-reevaluation data), would the Assessor's office reduce the evaluations in response? If not, then what determines the rationale for doing evaluations?
Good points.
Lyle is a lot of fun, both deliberately and accidentally. He shares my love of puns, particulary bad ones. When Lyle, UnklB, and I are together, watch out--the puns will be flying fast and furious.

Another great thing about Lyle is that, even though he talks slowly, he's often not quite sure what he's saying until it's out. Afterwards, the results are often unexpected. This has led to a number of memorable Lylisms, the tracking of which makes an interesting hobby.

One such saying appears in the rotating subtitles of DLMSY: "We can't have our eggs and apples, too." He was quite serious at the time. Anyone can accidentally mix two metaphors, but it takes real talent to do three at once.

The other day I heard him say that a project needed "a silver bullet you can pursue that jumps out and says it's a winner."

Another great thing about Lyle is that he doesn't mind being teased by his friends. Of course, he can dish it out, too...