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Saturday, May 03, 2008

Muslims Riot Over Exam Question

In a New Delhi university a riot broke out over the wording of an exam question on Mohammed's life for a graduate level history course. Fortunately the authorities quickly took stern actions:

Meanwhile, Jharkhand Chief Minister, Madhu Koda has directed Ranchi University Vice Chancellor, A A Khan to inquire into the question paper scandal.

Koda said he would talk to the university authorities and urge them to initiate action against the question paper-setters.

He expressed concern over the issue, saying such an act could hurt the sentiments of a community and affect communal harmony. Meanwhile, the University administration cancelled the History examination and set up a committee to inquire into the matter.

Apparently disclosing the entire question in the article would be too "inflammatory," but the paper does mention:

Students allege that the question was an insult to Prophet Mohammad as it refers to the Prophet as a 'businessman' and a 'raider' in his early days.

The facts around these aspects of Mohammed's life are well-known and beyond dispute:
He was a successful trader
He did lead his followers in attacks on caravans and cities
So it's hard to discern exactly what part of the undisclosed question was misrepresenting his life.

The discussion thread attached to the article is also interesting reading. Evidently the trials and tribulations faced by the poor Muslims at the hands of infidels are the same the world over, regardless of the identities of the "oppressors."

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