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Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Tea Party Signs

Here's great site for free Tea Party sign downloads.
After you download the pdf file, put it on a flash drive or other portable device. Take the file to your local copy shop (such as Staples, Office Max or FedEx Office). The copy shop should be able to print the pdf file on 11" x 17" CARDSTOCK or cover stock. You can print 1 sign or 100 signs! Our local copy shop charges $2.00 for a one-sided color copy on 11" x 17" cardstock. That is about the same price as a piece of posterboard!
Some general advice, if you are designing your own signs: Don't let the media portray you, and consequently the whole Tea Party movement as kooky.
  1. Stay away from Nazi references (Didn't we see enough of those from the Left with GWB?)
  2. Forget the "birth certificate issue" for now, even if you are convinced it's important. Sorry, it just looks nutty.
  3. No calls for violence and no racist slogans (Duh!)